Beekeeping Cotton Jacket with Round Veil,Extra Ventilated Beekeeper Khaki Jackets for Professionals Beekeeper

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  • Bee Jacket - Cotton Ultra Ventilated Jacket Round Veil - bee proof clothing. An extra ordinary jacket with ventilation throughout the jacket from top to bottom. - beekeeper jacket
  • Beekeeper Jacket - Composed of specially designed and produced light weight 
  • Bee Veil - Round Veil with ventilation area all Round head. - beekeeper outfit Zipper for detachment of the veil for easy washing. - beekeeper hat.
  • Beekeeper Outfit - is Fabric panels on wrists and waist area of the jacket for more protection.-
  • Beekeeper Hat - Chest pocket with Logo.- bee protective clothing All zippers are with 30mm ring pullers for easy usage even if you have gloves on your hands.- bee protective clothing